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updated 16.11.2010


Tour to Herdalssætra in Norddal.

This trip is 4 hour long and this is all what you expected to see. This is a part of the world heritages area and one of Norway's finest valleys and almost untouched by man.

The Herdal Lake is one of the beautiful lakes we have in this area. A very special drive by the Herdal lake in a Hollywood limousine.

On the road to Herdal. Dyrdalsfossen in the background.

Early June in Norddal

There are beautiful waterfalls on the road to Herdal

The nature is breathtaking

The limo drives close to the waterfalls

The waterfalls are still wild and free (Photostop)

By the lake in Herdal. The mountain Heregga in the background (Photostop)

We are in the World heritage area

The summer farm in Herdal

The small summer farms in Herdal (Photostop)

Herdal summer farm with the mountain Heregga in the background (Photostop)

The only thing missing in this photo is you and your family (Photostop)